We are Environmentally Conscious

Edsring place the utmost importance on conservation of natural resources and the protection of the environment. Our Environmental Sustainability Program is communicated to all staff and ensures that where possible, we work hard to manage any impact on the environment.

By identifying smarter solutions now, we are helping to contribute to a sustainable and better environment for the Future.

We believe that environmental performance not only Reduces risk but also Lowers cost, improves productivity and Enhances reputation.¬†Edsring’s Environmental Sustainability Program has put into action to ensure the Best Possible Outcome for both Clients and the environment.

Our Innovation

Edsring’s introduction of tablet technology has enabled us to reduce the amount of paper consumption used by our employees and office staff on a daily basis. The tablet is also able to reduce costs for Clients in that it is able to communicate directly with Head office and provide our Clients with an up to date record of our employees work.

Edsring is further continuing to develop more innovative systems with its partners to work towards a cleaner and greener environment.