Building, fixing, or bringing improvements to a commercial building is a time-consuming process. Unless you have the right people on your team, chances are you are in for a large plate of hassle with a side of stress to go with it. Commercial buildings have particular requirements in terms of repairs, maintenance work, service, and improvements/updates. Installing a new lock on the door of a commercial building is not as easy as installing a lock on a residential home. Specific legal requirements need to be respected, not to mention the involvement of insurance companies and the influence of a lock on the size of the premiums paid for insuring a commercial building.

The use of professional locksmiths that handle commercial locksmith services for a living is therefore mandatory. Below you will find exactly what these people can do to make a difference.

What Do Commercial Locksmiths Do?

  • Simply put, they handle the entire array of specific locksmith services, ranging from lock installation, re-key, repair work, to cutting duplicate keys, fixing broken electronic locks and handling jammed padlocks.

  • Most of them also specialize in installing and maintaining alarm systems for commercial buildings, and they replace broken sensors or juiced batteries.

  • It is not uncommon for a commercial locksmith like these guys here to also change out mailboxes, cut off old and rusty padlocks, service digital locks, or unlock file cabinets containing confidential files. The Locksmiths Pros team can reach the location of any commercial building within 30 minutes depending on the building's proximity to their nearest available locksmiths in case of an emergency. Since most issues that involve the loss of keys, especially master keys, or the damage of a lock become emergencies for businesses in all industries, commercial locksmiths keep themselves busy answering 24/7 emergency calls. Lockouts that occur by accident or because of locks and keys/other access devices that are not working properly are also common reasons why one might need to call a locksmith.

Property Damage Concerns&Broken Locks

One of the main concerns of business owners/managers is related to the potential damage that might be caused to the company's safes, if they need to be forcefully opened by a locksmith. Professional locksmiths will make sure to take every precaution necessary to guarantee that the valuables inside the safe will remain unharmed during the opening process. All fragile items will be maintained safe as long as the technicians will know about their existence prior to performing their specific duties.

You will not need to be too knowledgeable concerning the type of locks your business has installed on its entryways. As long as you will hire a well trained and experienced lock technician who can accurately assess the locks and inform you of all the services your will need, you should be good to go. Usually, locksmiths do not need more than half an hour to pick a classic office lock, which means you should be able to rapidly resume your work. Most door opening methods such should leave your locks in working order. Drilling a commercial door lock on the other hand will most times require the replacing of the lock. However, you should have no problem handling the replacement with the help of a skilled locksmith either.