Commercial businesses usually have a large number of maintenance, repair, and refurbishment requirements that need to be taken care of in a professional manner. Postponing the regular maintenance work for electrical installations or commercial grade locks on main entryways to commercial buildings will eventually lead to serious problems in the not too distant future.

Property Risk Analysis & Surveying

On short, this is the possibility of financial loss occurring as a direct result of owing a real estate investment. This type of risk can be triggered by various legal matters, litigation, or partner problems. It will usually force fire, theft, a sale, or the loss of rental income. In other words, it's never a pretty sight. Hence the assessment and surveying need to be handled with as much professionalism and seriousness as possible.

Our team can provide you with property risk analysis services, as well as waterproofing, corrosion control, suspended and set ceiling installation and repairs and other similar services. We also handle reconfiguration, alterations, and refurbishments.

Poor Quality Locks Endanger Building install commercial locks

Since commercial buildings see a tremendous flow of people every single day, not to mention the deliveries and meeting held there and employees constantly coming and going, a lot of attention needs to be given to safety. For buildings that host governmental facilities and offices, the task of keeping them safe is even more challenging. These customers are usually the ones who prefer leaving the rather daunting task to professional security companies and advanced commercial locksmiths.

To be able to control every entry point remotely and on the spot is something that all managers want. It is a smart security feature that everyone should be striving for. The feature focuses on programmed access for previously scheduled entries and exits, as well as lock combinations that are easy to change and locks that are activated by codes and will automatically lock doors when they are closed. The higher the quality of these locks, the more durable their components are and the better the job they will manage to do. Professional locksmithing companies like Nationwide Locksmith you can read more about here will recommend the best types of commercial locks and also install and maintain/service them. You can rely on them as your security counselors in terms of security locks, alarms, sensors, padlocks, security gates, and everything in between.

The Best Types Of Locks For Commercial Buildings

  • Cam locks are used in a variety of applications, and are most frequently found in mailboxes, filing cabinets, mailboxes, or lower security OEM apps. They can rely on a variety of tailpieces to interface with other locking mechanisms.

  • Mortise cylinder and rim cylinder locks are also frequent choices for commercial doors as well as entry glass doors. Rim locks resemble mortise locks, but the hardware they are used on differs. Rim locks are used in rim latch locks mounted on the interior of doors. Mortise cylinder locks are threaded and screw into mortise hardware that is mounted within the door.

  • Wall mounted locks are usually found in larger businesses as an emergency access to the keys of the buildings. They can be used for more than just key storage; for example, they can be used as small safes or item deposits. They are regularly installed with covers or alarm sensors to enable networking into the security system of the respective building.