Project Description

Supplied & Installed 16mm steel plates to the BMU track sections.
Prepared existing flange surface for welding of new plate, trim off existing guide plates.
Supply and installed 16mm steel plates to strengthen existing BMU track.
16mm Steel plate is to be welded to existing track flange (please refer to Drawing SK1 23/02/15 for weld details). 6mm weld butt joint as per drawing.

Removal of Rust from Bolts
Make good & painted entire BMU Track and Newly installed steel Sections with appropriate Weather Shield Paint and provide continuous seal between flange and new steel plate. Detail proposed sealant.

Case Details

Jannie Kelonsky
What We Did
A Fancy Penthouse
Tools Used
Client Paid
$985 921

Resources Used

Welding Team

Painting Team

Project Management Team

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