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Project Description

This Project began as an emergency response from the EDSRING team to provide our access equipment and team members to secure an awning which had been impacted by a falling component of a BMU Cage. The EDSRING team were called in on the Friday afternoon at 5pm and worked until the next day to ensure that the awning was sufficiently acro propped as per the requirements of the Engineer on the night/morning, to ensure the area was correctly barricaded, made safe and that Traffic Control was on site as soon as possible to direct foot traffic the next day.

A Traffic Control Plan was submitted to the council and approved to allow for the temporary Traffic Control in this area. Once the Awning had been secured temporarily, a hoarding team was called in to erect a hoarding appropriate for the area and EDSRING installed shorter acro props to support the structure. The Engineer for the project developed preliminary specifications for the inspection required for the awning components both internally within the tenancy and that externally. The stone ledge that was damaged was also included within the scope for the repairs for this project.

Working within the requirements of the Tenant within the internal side of the awning, Edsring organised after-hours access equipment and Technicians to open up the columns in able to help the engineer identify the best methods of strengthening the existing connections with the columns. The awnings External components were also assessed in detail and a final engineer report was developed.

EDSRING was engaged to carry out all of the repairs to this Project and developed a Project schedule with a strict timeframe The stone ledge was the first component to be repaired with technicians, abseiling down the side of the building to first remove and then replace the damaged section of the window ledge. Customised catch netting was manufactured and installed on the existing awning prior to any works, to ensure this part of the works was carried out as safely as possible. The next stage of the project involved the cutting out of more sections of the internal columns within the inside of the tenancy, welding on new strengthening plates and securing these plates to the two columns. Once the strengthening plates and fixings were inspected by the engineer, the area was slab scanned and core holes were carried out and the HILTI fixing bolts fixed the new strengthening plates to the columns, once complete and inspected the columns were made good as if no works had occurred at all. Works in this area begun late on a Friday afternoon and the allowance for the time required EDSRING to ensure the works were completed, made good and clean ready for the Tenants Operations on Monday morning.

The final stage involved stripping the affected area of the external awning and welding on new internal strengthen components. Once inspected by the engineer, new roof sheeting and flashings were installed as well as new alucobond cladding The repairs were all carried out according to the requirements set out in the programme and the project was delivered on time. Another Successful Project carried out by the EDSRING Project team

Case Details

What We Did
Emergency Response - Structural Steelworks - Alucobond Repairs
Tools & Equipment Used
EDSRING Cherry Picker - Acro Props - Traffic Control Management - Welders

Important Facts

The EDSRING Team were first to respond to the scene of the unfortunate accident and worked overnight to ensure the safety of the site and surrounding Public. The team were involved in project managing the various repairs to the Building including;

  • Dealing with Council on Behalf of the client
  • Repairs to the internal Steel supports of the Awning
  • Repairs to the Stone Cladding impacted by the Kart
  • Repairs to the Alucobond Cladding to the impacted awning

Resources Used

EDSRING Project Management

Labour Team

Traffic Management

Steel Team

Cladding Team

Stone Mason

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