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Project Description

This Project involved the removal of an 8 Tonne Structural Component at the rear of the Building – the components within the trellis had been severely waterlogged and the bridging connections between the feature and the building was at high risk of collapse. Edsring was engaged to work with an Engineer Firm to Remove this unsafe structure. This project involved the use of a Crane, Edsring’s in house Elevated Work Platform, Abseilers, Traffic control Management, partial closure of the Road, an engineer and strong team in order to lower and remove this structure from site ready for the next business day Monday The engineer who oversaw this project, specified the type of supporting beams required , EDSRING Fabricated Custom made steel beams to support the structure from above to prevent it from falling apart on its descent. The structure was cut out, lowered to the ground and removed from site with no issues

Case Details

Jannie Kelonsky
What We Did
A Fancy Penthouse
Tools Used
Client Paid
$985 921

Resources Used

Engineering Team: Core

Professional Rigging Team

Project Management

Demolition Team

Stone Facade Team

Safety Team

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